Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Santa Clarita is a beautiful mountain town!

Last night, we arrived in Santa Clarita, California. It was an arduous drive up and down the mountains for our van because of it's exhaust condition. The catalytic converters became clogged because a new one was improperly installed. So we climbed slowly  up the mountain then down and enjoyed the majestic scenery all the way. 

It was worth the effort when we saw the beautiful cascading mountains and lush greenery. Finally, I see green trees! Cephas and I will be enjoying this lovely city for about two days before we head to Burbank, California to visit our friend Sally Kirkland. She has been in a rehabilitation hospital for about six weeks. Sally fell and broke her ankle. She had surgery so she will not be able to walk  on her foot till about the end of May. We are praying for Sally and feeling so much gratitude for our health and well being. We are so grateful for the beauty that God created and that our eyes are able to view.

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