Saturday, July 26, 2014

Music inspires me while I write alone at my desk

As a freelance writer, I get a little lonely for outside stimulation. Music has always been an inspiration to me. I love music and I admire musicians who can bring such joy or motivation into the lives of others. Some of my friends are musical so I am always interested in reputable places to buy quality instruments. As a writer, I do a lot of research and I bookmark a lot of sites. The only thing I have to try to remember is to make a list of all the great sites I discovered I have adopted a list that I aptly named visit website. It works for me in the long hours of my writing days as I sit alone at my desk. Sometimes, I don't even have to turn the music on. It is embedded in my memory and I call it up at will. You might have guessed that I am researching an article about a musician so my thoughts are "tuned in".

Sunday, July 20, 2014

We Launched Celtic Labyrinth Ads

Cephas and I launched our first traffic exchange called Celtic Labyrinth Ads. We are very excited about this new addition to our online business. Our plans include building at least one hundred sites this year. Most of these sites will be rented while about thirty we will operate ourselves.

Watch for our news release about our new Hosting company called Alpha and Omega Hosting. That is the site where we will be listing our traffic exchanges for rent, niche blogs for sale, all forms of advertising available along with website rental space.

If you need some extra advertising for your business, service or website, just click the banner above and join free today. The free membership is set at "JV" but you will have the opportunity to upgrade for a very special price to Super JV. Just read the special login offer and click the PayPal button to get a hefty advertising package along with your lifetime Super JV upgrade. The price and the size of the ad pack is unbelievable!!!

Hurry though, this offer will only last for the first 50 people who upgrade to Super JV. The price is only $6.95 and the ad pack is filled with 252 ads that include two Super Solos. On top of that you will receive 500,000 ad credits and a Lifetime Super JVupgrade.


See you at our traffic exchange on the inside!
 Check out the blog for our new site at Celtic Labyrinth Ads Blog.

We will post more about that site later. There will be advertising and blog link ads available. Banner ads and button ads and content ads will be listed on the blog. The content will be geared towards our Celtic Heritage and all the contributions they as a people brought to our modern world.

We hope you enjoy all of our sites. Please share the links with your friends and invite them to join us. Be sure to sign up first so you can earn some commissions for making referrals!

The Midnight Writer
Cheryl and Rickey Gardner
Mountain Spirit Ads

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Liver Cleanse is a good spring Regiment

There are so many herbal teas and liver cleansing formulas on the market these days. Research them well before committing to just one. The most important thing is to be sure to do a liver cleanse in the spring then again in the fall.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finding the right law firm is an important decision

 In today's fast paced society, it is difficult to choose legal representation. There are so many provider's out there. Many law firms are specialized in certain areas while others still maintain a general practice. I found a good firm on this website Their practitioners are skilled in a wide spectrum from Administrative to Bankruptcy to Commercial and Personal Injury law. Those are just a few of their skill categories. Check out the site and read about the lawyers as well as the firm to find out more about them. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On the Wings of Zion Screenplay is making good progress

I have been working on my first film screen play for a while now. It is coming together nicely and I am cherishing the experience of putting myself into the mind set of the characters and the story. It is a unique exercise for a freelance writer.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Call me Mississippi

Whenever Cephas and I eloped in Louisville, Kentucky, we met an interesting older fella who would only identify himself by the name of a state. When we asked his name, he responded simply "Call me Mississippi." In return, he called us "Pennsylvania" because that is where we told him we traveled from recently.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Freemason Movie

My friend Sohrab Mirmont produced, directed and acted in this film. It was one of his recent major accomplishments. This young talent in the film industry is on the rise in his career. Hollywood is sitting up to take notice of this young man. He has an eye for the camera and for a good scene setting.

This Cave has the largest natural Organ

If you find yourself traveling this summer, put this stop on your list when you reach Virginia. Hearing this natural organ play is worth the effort it takes to climb down to the depths of this lovely cave.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Poetry is an art form present in all the universe

Call me biased, but I believe words expressed in poetic form are the most sincere and compelling. I am a natural born poet. My gift was recognized at an early age. School teachers in elementary school had me recite poems both written by me and ones memorized from other poets. I loved the art form and the recitation in front of the class. Whenever I recited a poem it was the only time that I did not experience stage fright.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Enter the Labyrinth of Internet Marketing

If you saw the movie, "The Labyrinth", then you understand the association between that and internet marketing. Any one who is online to offer a product, service or information has something to sell. The competition is fierce in a global economy where people can surf instantly around the world with the click of a button.

Just how do serious marketers compete with that instantaneous technology?

In the recent years of internet advertising, traffic exchange and text advertising systems emerged on the scene. They are part of the solution because these traffic generators get advertising out to its viewers and subscribers. In turn, those viewing your advertisement for your product, information, website, etc. click a link which either brings the potential customer to your splash ad page, your traffic generating site or your ad page or website. This final destination is the actual target url that you submit to the Traffic Exchange sites. And this is where you want the potential customer to ultimately return time and again to view your product or service offers. The beauty of this form of advertising is the speed and the exponential increase of your viewing audience.
Type an ad in text or html simple code in the preformed input box, click a button and off goes your ad in seconds to thousands of people just waiting to read your offer in exchange for the points they earn just by clicking.  Their clicks gain them ad points to repeat the same process.

Instant Gratification at near Lightning Speed.

Enter the Labyrinth of Internet Marketing.

Or Take this turn in the Labyrinth. Don't worry. Eventually it all comes out at the same place.

And check out the new Viral Mailing group to bring your ads to 1,000's of potential customers.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Butterfly Cave in Texas is Awe Inspiring

If you have not visited the butterfly cave in Texas, then this is one for your bucket list. A guide will take you on a tour that includes repelling down into a cave glistening with formations that look just like butterflies.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Freelance Writers make good Cooks

Last night I looked up recipes online in search of a banana bread recipe that could double as a cake. I found three different recipes to try out so tonight I'll be baking using the recipe that includes banana frosting. That just sounds delicious to me. The more I thought about cooking and baking today, I came to the realization that writing is a lot like cooking. So I give you my mantra that freelance writers make good cooks.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The beautiful Paper inspired me to write Poetry

I held it in my hands admiring its beauty in rich colors and design. The texture felt exquisite to my touch as I lovingly ran my fingers across the paper. It was too beautiful to mar with just any words or ordinary ink. This beautiful paper needed a special purpose. I thought and thought until it came to me, POETRY! That's it, I'll write profound, elegant, notorious epic poetry that will make Shakespeare and Thoreau envy my prose.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Old Ford went from California to Pennsylvania

Our time in California ended all too soon whenever we drove the 1971 Ford Pickup Truck from Oregon to Willits to visit Mom and our brother Ron and Granny. However, it would not be our last trip there. In fact, California became one of our main places to spend time.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

God performed Miracles on the Oregon mountainside

We arrived at the Oregon rainbow peace prayer gathering with only mere supplies. Cephas and I each carried a backpack that had some clothing, tools, miscellaneous food supply and wild medicinal herbs that we wild crafted in the mountains. Nothing in our previous experience could have prepared us for what was about to take place on this remote wilderness hillside. God performed miracles at that rainbow gathering through the use of our hands. We saw people healed of diverse illnesses, injuries and habitations of dark spirits.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One Doodler's Freelance Writing Tales

The paper stared at her with its ivory rich texture and blank space. It cried out for ink to be splashed elegantly across it's linen strands. She looked at the paper longing for just one bit of inspiration so she could begin writing that story that played like an auto tape in her head. Just one word, come on can think of just one word, then two and soon the page will be filled and you'll be dazzled by the eloquent genius that is your writing talent.

Almost of its own volition, the pen began to move leaving a trail of doodles that looked like pieces of letters and art and tables and diagrams and every conceivable scattered notion the brain could release upon this ivory linen palette.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

San Francisco Art Gallery offers fine Art Online

This post brought to you by Eminent Advertising. All opinions are 100% mine.

San Francisco is a great place for the arts and entertainment. Now you can experience previews of some fine art without taking a trip to the city. From the comfort of your home, view this Fine Art Gallery. Paragon Fine Art Gallery has great selections from some renowned artists such as Vladimir Kush.  This Gallery is offering works of Art at dealer prices so it is affordable to most anyone. Imagine getting a work from Royo to display on your living room. All your house guests will admire it and wonder how your trip to the San Francisco Bay went. Good taste in art does not have to be out of reach or difficult to peruse. More than sixty fine artists work are waiting for you to browse. Just open up your computer and see the works of Pino on display for you to view from the comfort of your living room. Home shopping will make it easier to imagine how the artwork will look while you are sitting in the very room where you want to put it on display in your home. See the online displays of Contemporary, Traditional and Commercial Art as well as Disney Fine Art. Captivating web images are almost like being in the Gallery. The savings right now are phenomenol!

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Angels, Visions and Demons entered our World

We often ask one another: "Is this what it means to follow Jesus Christ?" We were exposed to the world of things seen and unseen, mysterious or explained as paranormal events.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Wild Mules and Cougars then Cows, Oh My!

It seemed as though the universe was raining pure humor in the form of animals on our lives. We had experienced all types of unexpected creatures from wild mules to baby cougars to wolves to cows. They were the marriage initiation and to this day, I am trying to figure the meaning behind that one! Although some believe that cows are extraterrestrial, they are not considered "wild animals" per se. So this was a definite twist in the unfolding encounters of our new life as partners.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cephas and I eloped to Louisville, Kentucky

Our new relationship started with adventure and an intensity that I had never experienced with another person before. At that time, dear Cephas did not have any nick names. I knew him as "Rickey", which was his birth name. The nicknames and rainbow names came along later.

Friday, March 21, 2014

"All I've Got" Film gets Awards Nominations

Producer Jason Manning has got to be stoked about the reception one of his newest films received. Jason attended the Sundance Film Festival which he posted about on his facebook page. Visit Jason and CJ Studios.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Lice Treatment that is all Natural

A natural and safe alternative is my preference in regards to any type of infestation on the body or in the home. I was really excited to learn about this natural remedy to treat lice infestation that safely and permanently rids lice and nits from your home as well as the body. Check out Clear Lice for yourself and take the safe treatment over the myriad of toxic products that are available in stores. The problem that I always encountered in treating lice was that infestation would reoccur. This was mainly for one of two reasons. The person who transmitted the lice to my family did not effectively treat the head and the home. Or my home was not effectively treated with the lice solution to prevent them from coming back.

What a relief to have a product that is not hair raising in itself! Many times I dreaded sending my children off to public schools because it was inevitable that at least once a year there would be a lice epidemic. The choices to treat the problem were never pleasant. They were costly and sometimes ineffective or very dangerous as far as the chemical compounds contained in the treatment. I used to shudder whenever I read ingredients. When I read the information on this natural product, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I wanted to share the information with all other parents out there who have children in public schools.

This treatment does not use chemicals but utilizes a natural process that is one hundred percent effective and works in one day. Everything you need to treat the hair comes in the kit including the comb. And the scent is peppermint so it will be pleasant when you shampoo your child's head or your own. It comes with a leave in conditioner to optimize the treatment plan. Furniture sprays and laundry shampoos are available with the same safe ingredients. Breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that advances in technology have finally brought forth an effective natural way to deal with one of life's challenges.

We Drove the old Ford to California

The beginning of our road trip adventures as a married couple were just beginning. Up until this point, Cephas and I had been traveling on foot or by bus or train or hitch hiking. Thanks to our dear friend Gypsy and the blessings from God, we had transportation. What a world that opened up to us! There was virtually no stopping us from exploring the countryside now!